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Copywriting & Art Direction Workshop

The Get into Advertising copywriting and art direction workshop will help you find out if you've got what it takes to work as a creative.
  • how to get ideas
  • how to create ads
  • your portfolio and what to put in it
  • brainstorming
  • how to find a creative partner
  • work placements
  • how to get work experience
  • understanding your audience
  • what makes a good ad
  • headlines and straplines
  • writing copy
  • presentation skills
  • the creative brief
  • practical work
  • feedback

  • If you want to work as a copywriter or art director you'll need to show examples of your work when you are looking for a work placement or a job. This is called a 'portfolio' or a 'book' and is normally an essential requirement if you want to work as a creative in an ad agency.

    A copywriter and art director work together as a team. During the workshop you'll get the chance to work with different people on a number of creative briefs - you might find a partner to work with in the future.

    You'll be able to work on advertising briefs, practise writing and desiging ads, ask questions, share experiences and receive feedback on your work.

    You'll also receive invaluable information on what kind of work you can find as a creative - there are more opportunities than you might think. You'll practise brainstorming, find out what to put in your portfolio and how to get work experience.

    Workshop groups are normally restricted to around eight people. That way you get the chance to work with almost everyone in the room.

    By the end of the day you'll have some ads you can put in your 'book' and you'll also have a good idea of what you need to do in order to succeed.

    "We think this workshop would be suitable to anyone wanting to break into the advertising industry, whether they are already in a team or still looking for a partner."
    Dan & Matthew, Creative Team

    Get into Advertising Book Day

    This day is for you if you want to build a portfolio of work or refresh your existing book - whether you're just starting out, already in a team or looking for a creative partner.

  • Work on different creative briefs

  • Find a creative partner

  • Create ad campaigns

  • Practise writing copy

  • Develop a book of work

  • Receive feedback

  • If you want to practise creating ads and get feedback on your work, this day is for you.

    You'll work with different people on ad campaigns throughout the day - really useful if you're looking for a copywriter or art director partner.

    Before you make your mind up, have a look at the feedback page and the emails below.

    "I attended two of your courses a couple of years ago, with no prior advertising experience. In September I joined the School of Communication Arts, and since, have won an award at Chip Shop, and nominated for the IPA Shelf Awards. I have had several offers for placements (and I haven't even finished my course yet!) and am really proud of what my book is shaping up to. I just wanted to thank you once again for the help and support you have given me, I could not have done it without you.
    Danielle Mensah, 1 July 2012

    "After a few placements, we finally got our break at Mother - a much bigger break than we ever expected ... it gave us two awards at the British Television Advertising Awards. Thank you for your help and support during the workshop!"
    Creative Team, Mother

    If you wish to attend a workshop in the future, please email.

    Advertising can be an exciting, challenging and rewarding career.

    My workshops will give you the information you need to help you get started.

      Andrea Neidle 2016