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Feedback from Get into Advertising workshops

I attended two of your courses a couple of years ago, with no prior advertising experience. In September I joined the School of Communication Arts, and since, have won an award at Chip Shop, and nominated for the IPA Shelf Awards. I have had several offers for placements (and I haven't even finished my course yet!) and am really proud of what my book is shaping up to.

I just wanted to thank you once again for the help and support you have given me, I could not have done it without you.
Danielle Mensah, email, 1 July 2012

Last year I attended one of your workshops. It's been very helpful and mostly because you directed me how to search for a job and how to approach them. So now I work in an Internet marketing company. It's an entry level position but a very fresh and creative one.Thanks for the help. Hope you keep helping people through your seminars!
Maria Tseka, email, 18 May 2012

Just a quick note to express my sincerest appreciation for your time and energy yesterday. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and extremely informative day and I took a great deal away with me. I will definitely be recommending your course and your book to others in the future.
Peter Burbidge, email, 4 Dec 2011

I want to thank you immensely for such an informative and fun time at today's workshop.
You gave great depth of knowledge in the advertising field and I especially gained a greater understanding of the role a creative performs, which is one of the main things I wanted to get out of the day.

I also very much appreciated your C.V and cover letter writing do's and don'ts and I have
gained greater confidence in applying for work/placements.
All in all a wonderful time and the highlight was meeting you!
Stephen Robinson, email, 4 December 2011

I would like to share my very exciting news with you. I am starting in Art Production at AMV BBDO tomorrow. Thank you very much for all your help and support. You and your workshops have been so useful and without them I would not be this successful.
Lukas Kroulik, email, 15 August 2011

Your workshops have been brilliant and very informative - I don't think I'd have had a clue how to go about getting into the industry without them and I will definitely be recommending them to anyone who is interested in a career in advertising.
Cecily Nowak, email, 3 June 2011

Just to say thank you again for Sunday. Your workshop has given me the boost I needed to really get focused and moving forward.
Rhys Richard, email received after copywriting & art direction workshop

I just wanted to pop you a quick email to let you know how much I enjoyed your course yesterday. It was extremely helpful and motivating.
Lauren Payne, received after the 15 May workshop

Thanks very much for all your help - it gave me a great insight and motivation!
Colleen McNulty, Sligo, Ireland, email following a Get into Advertising workshop, 21 March.

It was great to meet you in person - you're a fabulous teacher. And I'm very glad I attended yesterday. I hope I can attend another one of your courses, but either way, I'll definitely be getting your book!
Rema Chandran, email after Book Day, 13 Feb

Thank you for giving us those really interesting and also challenging briefs and constructive feedback.
Lukas Kroulik, email after Feb 13 Book Day

I'm now gainfully employed as a copywriter at a small agency in the city.
Thanks for all the help with the Get into Advertising course.
Phil, email, 10 January 2011

I have just received my 5th offer on UCAS for Marketing & Advertising courses and I think you played a crucial part in giving me the knowledge on the subject that has certainly impressed the universities - thank you so much!
Sophie, email, January 2011

The workshop was brilliant, thank you so much Andrea. I definitely feel more focused and I now know that I really want to do this.
Richard Welch, email after copywriting and art direction workshop, 7 November 2010

Your advice definitely paid off as I've managed to convert a couple of weeks extended work experience at BBH into a full-time position as an account assistant on a global brand!
Tom, BBH

Good news! I have been accepted on to the advertising course at the school of communication arts in September! Many thanks for all your help Andrea. Without your direction I would not have been able to achieve any of this.
Danielle, email, 1 December 2010

Many thanks again for such a great day yesterday. The whole experience couldn't have come at a better time and I am now more sure than ever that copywriting is something I am going to ruthlessly pursue!
Penelope Hone, email after Copywriting & Art Direction Workshop, 7 November 2010

Thank you for a very useful and valuable session. You have helped to guide me towards Account Planning.
Phil, August, 2010

Today was a delight and I thank you for getting me motivated again.
Danielle Mensah, Book Day, 18 July 2010

I just wanted to thank you again as I feel the workshop has really helped me to focus on what role I want to pursue within advertising.
Elliot Charles, 18 July 2010

I attended one of Andrea's workshops and was thoroughly engaged throughout. It helped me immensely in putting a portfolio together and also getting a place on the Watford copywriting/ art direction course ... thanks again :)
Darran Solan, Facebook

It's been a long time since I took your course but I'm still very pleased I did take it as your help with my cv was invaluable!
Kieran, email, May 2010

I came on a few of your workshops a few years ago. I just thought you'd be interested to know that me and my partner have just been offered a job at VCCP. Very very happy because we loved it there on placement and really feel it's the right place for us. All the hard work has been worth it. So thanks for all your advice over the years and hopefully you'll see some of my ads soon.
Oliver Rimoldi, 14 January 2010

I just wanted to say thank you for the advertising day on Sunday - it was a great day, and fantastic to be working on a variety of briefs. I really enjoyed it.
Guy, email, November, 2009

It is definitely the right "first step" for someone considering a career in advertising.
Rita Belo, 30 August 09

Andrea was very helpful and her insights into the industry were extremely informative. It was fantastic to speak to somebody with so much experience and credibility for such a long period of time and from such a close range. Thank you very much.
Rosemary Anaba, University of Westminster, 10 May 09

Very good one day course about the bottom line of the advertising business. Overall, a day well spent.
Abdul Bismalla, 10 May 09

The day was extremely useful and enjoyable. Thank you for all your insights.
Sophie Major, University of Warwick, 10 May 09

Thank you for the workshop today - a very constructive session. I recommend everyone to read 'How to Get into Advertising'. I found it very useful and I think it's a good read if you want to find out about the industry and what you need to do to begin your career.
Shereen, Kingston University, email, 1 March 09

Thank you for last Sunday's 'Book Day'. It was really helpful and it refreshed me absolutely. It was a great day! I am rebuilding my book. Thanks again.
Rosa Choi, Art Director, London ad agency, email received after Book Day, 24 Nov 08

Thank you very much for the energising, invigorating workshop.
Jonathan Graham, email received after Book Day, 24 Nov 08

I do feel your workshop has so far helped me
a) identify where I'd best be positioned within an agency
b) build up the courage to focus my efforts in that direction.
L.E., email, 4 Nov 08 (Now working as a planner at a top London ad agency.)

I've already started ringing around for work experience! It's given me such a buzz!
Melissa Hudson, student, email, 27 Oct 2008

The worshop was well organised and relaxed. All in all an invaluable experience which I would recommend to anyone interested in advertising. It was well worth every penny.
Liz Edwards, email, 27 Oct 2008

Yesterday was very good, had a great time and feel very motivated.
Jonny Peel, email received after workshop in copywriting & art direction, 30 Sept 2008

Thanks very much for yesterday - it was all very useful and to the point - and completely waffle-free, in the way many one day courses are not.
Dan Thomas, email received after workshop in copywriting & art direction, 29 Sept 2008

Thanks very much for organising such a useful and inspiring day!
Hannah Klepper, Birmingham student, email, 9 June 08

Ana (see feedback form) is now working as a creative at 'Mother'. She and her partner attended a workshop in April 2006 - approx 6 months before getting job at 'Mother'. As far as I am aware, the only experience they had came from attending a Get into Advertising workshop.

After doing a few placements, we finally got our break at Mother. In fact, it was a much bigger break than we ever expected. And it gave us two awards at the BTAA (British Television Advertising Awards) this year. We've been there for about a year and a half now. Things have been great and we've been very busy indeed. In fact, we've just came back from Mexico where we spent two and a half weeks on a shoot for Oasis. It's incredible how things change so quickly in our industry. So we'll use this email to thank you for your help and support during the workshop!
Ana and partner, email, May 2008.

The book is great, but I really would recommend the workshop as a must! The anecdotes and your opinions made the workshop lively and the day felt like just one long conversation and I don't know where the time went! You were also realistic about our chances and the industry mindset in general but I especially liked how you gave us ways to overcome rejections - the different angles to take. I just have a really good general base now and I was pleased we got individual advice so I now know what I need to go away and do. I am a lot more confident in how I am going to approach agencies and my job search.
Roma Pattni, student at Durham University, email, 8 June 2008

Such a good overview. I feel much more confident to start applying for jobs and work experience now.
Lucy Staley, student at Nottingham University, 8 June 2008

I would like to thank you for organising the workshop which has given me more direction into writing ads. It was a great experience working with you and the other creatives.
Trupesh Gajjar, email, 9 April 2008

Thanks for yesterday - I really enjoyed it and left encouraged/inspired. It's one thing reading around the subject on your own, another to have some (risk-free, friendly) feedback and meet other people at the same stage of uncertainty and enquiry.
Nick Black, email, 17 March 2008

Today was definitely worth the money and more. I learnt more about advertising than I thought possible.
Suzanne Hatton, email, 16 March 2008

Just wanted to thank you for all your help, which really was invaluable. I have recommended your courses to many people on my course at uni. And as it happens I have just landed an interview at a media promotions agency for an account exec role. I am certainly much more confident having been to your seminar and will let you know how it goes!
Adam Hamadache, email, 27 February 2008

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to use your expertise. I have to say, it was extremely useful! You put a lot of things into perspective for me.
Samantha McGawley, student at University of Leeds, email, 26 February 2008

I just wanted to send a quick email to say that I have just completed the D&AD Advertising Workshop and my career seems to be going in the right direction at last! A lot of it is thanks to the Copywriting/Art Direction day way back in March when I finally realised what I wanted to do with my life and how I could go about achieving it.So, thank you very much for your advice both on the day and in your book.
Jonathan Lee, email, 8 October 2007

Dropping you a quick line to let you know I'm on the Watford course. Thanks so much for the workshop earlier in the year, it was a real confidence booster and has definitely helped getting me where I want to be.
Nick Bradley, email, 15 September 2007

I am writing to you to tell you that from Wednesday next week I will be a graduate trainee media planner! I got a job at a small media independent. I just wanted to say thank you very much as your advice helped me a lot in landing my first job!
Kieran Ray, email, 24 May 2007

I'm sure many more students have passed through your workshops since I had the good fortune of attending one almost two years ago I'm just about to enter my final year at university and have had placements at Saatchis, BBH and Leith London. In many ways coming to your workshop and reading your book was the beginning so thank you very much for your time and effort, both in person and in writing.
Sameer Ismail, email, 21 May 2007

Having attended two workshops, I have found the quality and level of help outstanding. The workshops have proved to be a wonderful investment.
Daran Akintola, student, 20 May 2007

I'M IN, I'M IN!!!! I've been offered a two-week work placement with M&C Saatchi! Whhoohoooo! Sorry - just a bit excited! Thank you for all your help - I really appreciate it!
Nadia Quigley-Lewis, email, 27 March 2007

Thanks for the great course. I feel I've learned a lot about the business and what it takes (and not just the actual copywriting side of things) which I think will prove very valuable in the future.
Chris Booth, email, March 2007

The workshop was so informative and extremely well run. You provided us with such invaluable tips and advice - thank you!
Nadia Quigley-Lewis, email, 26 February 2007

I just wanted to say thank you once again for the help you gave me. I'm definitely much more confident and prepared now than I was before and I'm REALLY pleased with my new CV!
Kieran Ray, email, November 2006

I attended the lecture you gave last week in Kingston University. I found your lecture very interesting and I'm now convinced that advertising is the route for me!
Jennifer Maguire, postgraduate student

I attended your presentation last week at Kingston university and thoroughly enjoyed it! I want to say thank you for giving me an insight in to advertising as a job and what it really is about.
Alice Man, student, Kingston University

I attended your lecture at the University of Hertfordshire this year and I am now totally convinced that I want to work in advertising.
Navinder Lall, student, University of Hertfordshire

Thank you for your time and for the seminar today. You have made me even more determined to work within advertising and helped me with my route to getting there.
Carly Holmes, student, Manchester Met University

You recently came and gave us an amazing talk which really motivated me to start taking action. Thank you for the inspiration.
Mustafa Jama, student, School of Communication, University of the Arts

I thought the course was really interesting and it was very helpful to learn how to go about taking the next steps into a new career. Thanks for a really great day!
Chelly Riccio, email, November 2006

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. It certainly opened my eyes to the advertising and media industry as you were so honest in your approach. The information you gave was invaluable. It is clear to me now what I must do to secure a place as a copywriter in the media industry and I have been put on the right track to achieving my goal thanks to your insight and knowledge.
Beth Dawber, undergraduate, November 2006

I really enjoyed the workshop. I found that it gave me a real insight into the jobs available to me within the advertising world. Andrew Bailey, postgrad, Oct 2006

I just wanted to say thank you for a very insightful day. I'll be recommending it to all my course friends.
Claire Catterall, student, Manchester Met University, October 2006

Extremely informative! All the information was invaluable. The practical sessions were really exciting and gave a real feel for creating a campaign. I gained a really clear understanding of the creative ad world.
Oliver Rimoldi, undergraduate, September 2006

I feel a lot more confident in how to go about things now and I've already made a start on my portfolio. Thanks again for all your help.
Gayle Johnston, email, September 2006

I attended one of your workshops during the year. Thanks to your course and advice I managed to get a two months placement in Cheethambell JWT here in Manchester.
George Anastasiou, email, 2006

Like many, I found the day inspiring and was 'full-up' by the end of the workshop. I appreciated your approach, found the content detailed and relevant and enjoyed contributing.
Rhys Walters, Swansea. As a result of the workshop he attended, Rhys made a career change and is now working in marketing in London.

I just want to say a quick thank you for yesterday. I feel 100% better about things now. I feel like I actually have a direction and a plan!
Zahra Dowlaty, email, September 2006

Since I saw you I have had work experience at a few places including BBH and am going to Saatchi's in March for a week! So thank you for all your advice.
Michelle, email

It was very informative and totally worthwhile. Reading the book is one thing, but listening in person and being able to interact with you was fantastic, and the section you presented about cvs is something that I've taken on board.
Sameer, email

It was a good experience that I believe will have improved my creative insight. Feedback was definitely the most useful part. I wanted to thank you for your advice at the workshop and it was definitely a great help.
Daniel, creative team

I discovered so much about the creative aspects of advertising. It was useful meeting people who want to get into the creative side. The workshop allowed us to explore ideas fully and receive feedback and I would recommend it to others.
Desi, graduate trainee

I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that it has been of tremendous help.
David Sen, email

Everyone who has ever come along has said that they would definitely recommend the workshops.

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