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If you're looking for a creative partner, email me and I will post your notice here.

Copywriter wanted
My background was in product design specialising in watches, designing for clients such as Vivienne Westwood. After a lengthy career within this sector, I decided to follow my dream and have now transferred my skills to art direction, freelancing for various big brands and companies. I'm currently working on a lot of self made projects and ideas, but would like to work as part of team and create some magical ideas together, so. . . . I'm looking for my other half to be part of a dynamic team within an advertising agency.
Chrissie Butcher
T: 07792 614 802

Looking for my other half, ambitious Art Director wanted.
Dear fellow creatives, I'm a copywriter searching the troops for an Art Director with stamina and a never fading smile. Someone who wants to join me in the battle to find a job at an ambitious advertising agency in London. I recently graduated from Miami Ad School, have interned at some mouth watering agencies and am hungry for the real deal. I would like to start applying for jobs in winter/spring 2016...
drop me a line at

Copywriter wanted!
I've recently finished my MA in Creative Advertising at Falmouth University in July. I'm an enthusiastic Junior Art Director looking for a perfect partnership with a Copywriter. Are you out there? I'm looking for a partner who enjoys producing innovative forward thinking ideas and hungers to do something different. Think 'Volvo Life Paint'.
Please contact me on 07841 842573 Elizabeth.

Art Director needed - desperately! (USA)
Hi, my name's Erik. I used to be an actor but then I hated being poor forever! In my quest to balance a life of storytelling and not being unemployed every six months, I've turned to copywriting. I've taken classes at SVA in NY and am looking to build my portfolio. I have a bunch of contacts at different NY ad agencies but no work to show them. I'll write some words, you'll do some pictures, it'll be great and everyone will be happy!

FAB copywriter needed ASAP
Hi, My name is Paulina and I'm a 100 miles an hour, mad woman with lots of ideas bubbling under the bonnet, so please get in touch if you're a creative copywriter with a sense of humour next to no one! I want to put together a FABULOUS book over the next 2 months maximum, so be prepared to work really hard. I have Agency contacts, could get us into book crits really quickly and I want to work with someone enthusiastic and energetic!
Fast paced, but worth it. No fainting daisies please :)
contact me on 07791 511 332 or

Art Director Needed
I'm graduating from the University of Oxford in three months (I say that so you're assured I can write), and I will be applying to agencies for a copywriting position. I need to partner up with an energetic and equally ambitious art director, to create a 'book'.
Contact me at, and we can devise a plan!

Looking for a Creative Copywriter
My name's Danny, I'm an art director, and I'm looking for a creative copywriter to partner up with. I used to work as a creative producer for Grey and before that I ran my own creative agency for 2 years. I have years of experience in photography and film and really want to use those skills in an advertising environment. If we could meet for a chat and take it from there that would be amazing!
Danny Hall:

Seeking a Copywriting Partner
I am looking to partner with a creative copy writer as a way to target and focus on applying to advertising agencies in London. I have 5 years experience as a product designer working on
creative pitches, telling stories and use all the creative suite programmes. I would love to work with someone who has an interest in more than just words, has in interest in art, music, exhibitions etc
Stacey Mendez:

Looking for an Art Director
My name is Bryony and I am currently working at a large independent agency in Shoreditch. I am a copywriter looking for a junior art director to produce work with for a placement in March and onwards. If you are interested, let's go for coffee.

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