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How To Get Into Advertising, 2nd edition, Andrea Neidle

  • Getting Started
  • Getting In
  • The Business of Advertising
  • Account Management
  • Account Planning
  • The Creative Team - Copywriting and Art Direction
  • Advertising Media - Planning and Buying
  • New Media
  • Marketing Communications
  • Creative Services
  • Selling Yourself - How to Get the Job You Want
  • Graduate Training & Interviews
  • The Right Course for You
  • Ask the Students
  • The Value of Work Experience
  • Getting Their Foot in the Door
  • Directory
  • Notes and References
  • Index

  • Your book is simply the best!
    "I read your book, followed your tips and got results."
    Lukas Kroulik, email, November 2010

    I recommend everyone to read 'How to Get into Advertising'.
    "I found it very useful and I think it's a good read if you want to find out about the industry and what you need to do to begin your career."
    Shereen Al-Barzangi, Kingston University, email, 1 March 09

    The bible of advertising
    "I read your book today - "How to Get Into Advertising". It was recommended to me by my careers advisor. It is so full of invaluable information and tips about the industry. It is indeed the Bible of advertising - so thank you very much again!"
    Haya Barlas, University of Warwick, email, 3 Dec 2008

    The most useful book
    "The advertising industry is a notoriously difficult industry to break into. Its mystique is further obscured by the lack of information available to help prospective employees. This book destroys all the myths and tells you exactly how to get that dream job. It tells you what an account manager actually does, why you will be expected to work 12-hour days, why you should never send your resume in a coloured envelope, and how you can get a job just by talking loudly on the subway. Written by one of the UK's acknowledged experts, this will be, for many people, the most useful book they ever buy."
    Abe Books Website

    "Many thanks for putting together such an informative and direct book. Not only does it contain all the relevant advice you need but is positive and inspiring to boot!"
    Scott Colton, email, 2/8/08

    Definitely worth a read
    "If you're not at the job-hunting stage yet, but are considering a career in advertising, the book, 'How to get into advertising' by Andrea Neidle, gives lots of advice on how best to get started and is definitely worth a read."
    Sarah George,, 27 September 2008

    A great guide
    "If you would like to have more information on this topic, have a look at Andrea Neidle's How to get into advertising book, which is a great guide to careers in advertising, media and marketing communications."
    Nora, Advertising Copywriter, Ogilvy Budapest, 11 Dec 07

    There's a need for just this kind of book
    "This book is a valuable source of advice for anyone considering a career in advertising, media, or marketing communications. I know from my own experience of working with students, and advising them on career options, that there is a need for just this kind of book. It helps to bridge the 'information gap' for anyone on the outside of the industry, looking in.

    This is not just a 'how to' book. It is a 'should you' book as well, which is one of the things I like most about it. Anyone reading the book will get a better understanding of whether a career in this hectic, demanding and out-of-the-ordinary industry is right for them.

    The book looks at the business of advertising and each main career option, and provides help in everything from writing CVs to the type of courses that might be suitable."
    Colin Bates, Review on

    Insightful and invaluable
    "This book serves as an invaluable guide for all those wishing to break into the world of advertising, media and marketing communications. The wealth of hints and tips that range from the conventional to the non-conventional make this book insightful and invaluable. The author uses over twenty years experience in this industry to help anyone wishing to pursue a career in this field start off on the right foot.

    • Invaluable insider hints and tips throughout
    • Contains a directory of key organizations, agencies and industry bodies
    • Lucid style ensures easy access to key information"
    Thomson Learning Website

    It has helped me on three levels
    "I am writing to thank you for the help and advice your book has given me. It has helped me on three levels. Firstly, on deciding what I wanted to do and be. Secondly, on how and who to apply to and thirdly on how to get through the interview process. Since reading your book I have found myself in the position of having several options and offers. I have managed to find employment as a media account executive."
    Katy Websdell
    Katy is now a director of the media agency where she first managed to find employment!

    An informative guide
    "I just wanted to thank you for producing such an informative guide to the advertising industry. Having read your book, I've managed to get a place on the Saatchi & Saatchi six week scholarship scheme in account management."
    Hannah, email, June 2007

    A bible
    "As a student, your book "How to get into advertising" has been a bible. Through your hints and tips I have managed to secure myself a placement this Summer in media - thank you."
    Charlotte Rodgers, student, University of Lancaster, 27 May 2007

    Top of the list
    "I will be doing a blog post about recommended reading for students wanting to get into advertising and your book will be top of the list."
    Sameer, email, 21 May 2007

    The best source of information
    "The first place to start is to learn how an advertising agency works ... the best source of information for this is 'How To Get into Advertising' by Andrea Neidle which is easily available from"
    Web Forum

    The best starter's guide
    "This is the best starter's guide to getting into advertising. This will not only teach you about how an ad agency works it will provide you with key contact details at major agencies. An important little buy."

    Explains how to get that dream job
    "The advertising industry is a notoriously difficult industry to break into. Its mystique is further obscured by the lack of information available to prospective employees. This book destroys all the myths and explains exactly how to get that dream job. It shows the reader what an account manager actually does, why long working hours are the norm, application procedures. Written by one of the UK's acknowledged experts, this will be, for many people, the most useful book they ever buy."
    Trotman Review

    Easy to digest
    "When you haven't worked in advertising it's a bit of a head on to try and work out how an agency actually works: roles, structure, process etc. I read this book before any work placements. I'd buy it off Amazon and have a read of it - it's quite easy to digest and a great starting point to become a little fluent in how advertising works and how to approach getting a job in advertising."
    Brand Republic Web Forum
    March 14, 2005

    I see this to be a vital resource for anyone looking to work in advertising
    "Aimed at those who are seeking to getting into, or simply knowing more about jobs in, advertising this volume sets out to give the scope of jobs available in this field, who does them and how to go about getting them. In the terms of a recent ad, 'it does exactly what it says on the tin.'

    There are sections on getting in, selling yourself, work experience, graduate schemes and interviews that offer expert advice relating to the advertising and marketing business. These topics are excellently covered in an easily absorbable way, sprinkled with anecdotes and quotes from practitioners and applicants.

    … includes an overview of the job and its relationship to others, an appraisal of skills required, a 'day in the life of….' section, recommended routes and suggested reading. There are also relevant extracts from recent industry surveys. This edition (2nd) has a chapter on new media including interactive advertising.

    There are chapters on relevant study, the first a list of some relevant courses at HND, degree and postgraduate level, and the second comments from students on some of these courses. The closing chapter is a directory of useful sources of information."
    Heather Hudson (Careers Counsellor), Phoenix Careers Journal

    How To Get Into Advertising is published by Cengage Learning and is available from all major booksellers, including

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