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An experienced copywriter and lecturer, Andrea Neidle has inside knowledge of the world of advertising that will benefit anyone trying to find work.

Get into Advertising

This one day workshop is designed for anyone who wants to work in advertising.

Whether you have an idea of the kind of job you want to do or not, the aim of this day is to give you focus and direction.

You will gain a better idea of the scope of jobs available and the skills you need to do them. You'll receive invaluable advice on graduate training, application forms, interviews and getting that all important CV right.

And if you're looking for work experience, this workshop will help you go about it in the right way.

  • what agencies are looking for

  • information about jobs

  • how to approach ad agencies

  • how to obtain work experience

  • how to find the job you want

  • how to target your CV

  • what works on application forms

  • graduate training and how to get it

  • how to prepare for interviews

  • Useful contacts and websites

  • If you wish to attend a workshop in the future, please email me.

    Advertising can be an exciting, challenging and rewarding career.

    My workshops will give you the information you need to help you get started.

      Andrea Neidle 2016